Where do I get help?

PHI (Post-Polio Health International)’s mission is to enhance the lives and independence of polio survivors and home ventilator users through Education, Advocacy, Research and Networking.


We have published many articles over the years which discuss options for managing pain and have posted them on our website www.post-polio.org.


We recommended the following…


Sacroiliac Pain: A Physical Therapy Perspective (Vol. 22, No. 3)
Fear of Falls, Risks and Practical Strategies (Vol. 21, No. 4)
Overuse and Disuse Weakness (Vol. 21, No. 3)
To Brace or Not to Brace? Improving Function (Vol. 19, No. 3)
What Is Cramping Your Style? Straight Answers to Your “Cramped” Questions (Vol. 19, No. 1)
Crutches Anyone? (Vol. 14, No. 3)
Gait and Post-Polio (Vol. 14, No. 1)
Hints on Conserving Energy (Vol. 13, No. 2)
Pain in Post-Polio Syndrome (Vol. 13, No.1).
Prescription for Pain (Vol. 6, No. 4)


Have you heard about Westcoast Brace & Limb Fits the First in Florida  http://www.westcoastbraceandlimb.com/ . ?   



Please refer to Find clinics, health professionals and support groups in PHI’s Post-Polio Directory for other resources in your area.


Joan L. Headley

Executive Director

Post-Polio Health International

 including International Ventilator Users Network

4207 Lindell Blvd., #110

St. Louis,  MO 63108-2930







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