I am sure you will share my enthusiasm for a new website dedicated to information that will help us achieve the $200Million Gates Challenge…
The site is www.frankdevlyn.org/endpolio  I urge each of you to check it out…
Frank’s webmaster, Harriett Schloer has been a godsend to him since the beginning of his term as RI President…she is quick and tough and fully capable of keeping up with him…as well as knowing what kind of information we need to complete our tasks…
I have already used the site and ordered some pamphlets we will use for a program we are developing in 7690 utilizing Interact and Rotaract member’s enthusiasm and ideas for fund-raising in their local communities…
I believe every Rotary club and member will benefit from using the new website…I hope you agree and will take steps to spread the word…I am sure I have not included the rest of the world who needs to know about this new asset; so please fill any holes in the communication gap…
Good luck to us all…
Ray Taylor, PDG D-7690
Founder/Secretary Polio Survivors Group – A Rotary Action Group
Co-chair 7690 Polio Comm., Polio Challenge Coordinator Zone 33


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