A Rotarian’s Primer on Polio Eradication and Polio Survivor Support

In our downloads section, we have posted a new pamphlet edited by Al Bonney and Ann Lee Hussey that covers a wide range of questions.  Click here to download.

1. What is the history of and how big is the effort to eradicate polio from the world?

2. How many new cases of polio happened in 2010 and how does this compare with 2009?

3.  What are the main resources being used to eradicate the polio virus?

4. What are the strategies being used now to eradicate polio?

5. What would happen if we just stopped the eradication effort and let these few cases of polio remain unchecked?

6.  How many polio survivors are there in the world today?  In the USA?

7. Is there an ongoing health threat to polio survivors after they have recovered from polio itself?

8. How do polio survivors protect themselves from post-polio syndrome?

9.  Is this PPS protection/treatment expensive?

10. Do all polio survivors contract PPS?

11. What is being done in the USA to support polio survivors?


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